I’m Pastor Tessa Ann Zehring, aka TAZ

In junior high, I realized if I married a man with a last name that started with Z, I would become TAZ. In 2006, I married my husband and went from TAL to TAZ.

Before I met him, I met the other love of my life-God. In college I answered a call to ministry. My hope was to become a pastor’s wife. The reality has been so much better.

What is this blog about?

  • I love God with all of who I am. I also realize that sometimes it is hard to put scripture and life together and make them both relevant.
  • So, these writing do just that. Sometimes I will write about things that happen in my life. Other times it will be a scripture passage that has a message.

So welcome to my blog. The writings of a humble pastor who can see the joy and humor in life as we all struggle together to be human and yet, find a way to love and trust. May Christ guide your journey. Blessings! Pastor TAZ

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