United in Heart and Mind. What does it mean?

The book of Acts has a passage of scripture that caught my eye the other day. It was Acts 4:32, ” The community of believers was one in heart and mind. None of them would say, “This is mine!” about any of their possessions, but held everything in common. ”  I must admit, I only read the first portion of this scripture. The community of believers was one in heart and mind… What does that really mean?

I have often found that what I think should happen is not what takes place. In fact, just this past week in worship I asked the question, “How do we love another when they do not act like we think they should?”  So, how were the community of believers united in heart and mind?

In reading more of Acts 4, I learned that those united were the people who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Their unity in heart and mind was in Christ. Two people who they cared about, Peter and John, had been arrested. The people prayed for the two men to be released. They then also prayed to know how to share the message of the risen Christ with others.

See, it was not that they all acted in the same way. It was not that they had the same passions or even the same way of doing things. They were united in their faith in God. It was that faith that then brought them together when life did not look so good. It was faith that helped them trust the gifts that would be needed would be provided by God through each of them. It was faith that helped them connect.

As we continue to come together as a community, I hope we too can be united in heart and mind. We will not all agree. We will not have the same ideas of how life should look or even what is important. But, I believe God put us here in Doniphan, Giltner, Trumbull, and the surrounding areas for a reason. I believe with all our different abilities and gifts we can accomplish glorious things. Maybe one of those glorious things will be uniting in heart and mind to work together and share love and acceptance for one and all. Maybe that was why that scripture stuck in my head, who knows. Blessings, Pastor TAZ

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