What is Church Even For?

                On Tuesday evening, Doniphan and Rosedale United Methodist Churches will have an all church meeting. At this meeting we will talk about the successes in the church in the past year. We will mourn those who we have lost and give thanks for them again. Mainly, we will hopefully be reminded what it means to be the church.

                This led me to ask myself the question, “What is Church even for?”  Is it to provide a community?  Yes. Is it to be a safe place to land in uncertain times?  Yes. But what makes church special?  What makes it different then gathering at a soccer game or at Rotary?  After all, both are places that provide community and offer a safety in uncertain times. In fact, many places offer these gifts, some even better than the church does right now. So why Church?

                I believe Church is about having a relationship with God. And God is not easy to get to know. God is not easy to hear or even understand. I am reminded of a scripture in 1 Kings chapter 19 about Elijah. Elijah was a prophet who had upset Queen Jezebel. In fact, she wanted to kill him. So, he ran away to safety. He ended up in a cave, trying to hear what God was telling him. Here is the part that is amazing to me. It said that Elijah stood in the strong wind, the earthquake, and the fire and yet God’s voice was not in any of them. Instead the voice of God came in a still small voice.

                So, what is church even for?  I believe it is a place to remind us to stop and listen for that still small voice. It is a voice of hope and love. It is a voice that can convict us to change our ways or stand up for what we believe in. It is a voice that accepts us where we are and encourages us forward. Hopefully, it also reminds us to be the still small voice for others.

                What I realize is it isn’t flashy or exciting. It is steady and true. It won’t entertain but it will touch your heart. You can come angry with God, scared of what is happening, content with how things are, or even wanting a change; and you will be accepted. Welcome even. Why?  For me, it is because each time I sit and listen to the still small voice of God, I am reminded that everything will be well. Life will still happen, but all shall be well because God is here. So, why Church?  To remind us of the promises, love, and peace God gives when we listen and believe. Blessings, Pastor Tessa

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