I Did Not Know…

Lord, I did not know. I sit here today and I realize those are hard words to say.

They are words that can bring on feelings of shame. Yet, they are also words that can create a new way.

I didn’t know there are people who cannot buy a house anywhere they wanted, even if they can afford it.

I did not know the color of skin affected the interest rate on a mortgage.

I always wondered why communities were not more diverse.

I did not know what hurdles there are for equality for all people. I did not know the impossible situation so many people experience.

I know fear can make humans do irrational things. I just did not know how mean we could be.

Now, I sit here and I do not know what to do. How do I make it better? What difference can I make?

You see Lord, I grew up learning about how you love us all. You even love those who hung you on a cross. I do not know how. Can you teach me? Can you guide me to share your lessons with others?

You see Lord, I did not know how much hearts hurt and how invisible people feel. I did not know what it truly means to have nothing to lose. I did not know how powerless so many feel.

How could I not know? I did not know because of you. Because you love us all. You see us all as your children. You created each one of us. And I believed we all strive to be like you. Lord, I did not know…now that I do know, please help and guide me in what to do next. I believe your way is possible. Help me see how, help us all see how to change so we can all love as you do. Amen.

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